Bryan Bird (dec) Lindsay Pattenden (dec)
Brian Boys (dec) Paul Vear (dec)
Vicki Cardwell Cameron White
Judith FitzGerald (dec) Geoff Hunt
Sarah Fitz-Gerald Tom Spark
Betty Meagher (dec)  
Gordon Watson (dec)  
Margaret Zachariah  
Peter Wright  









Hall of Fame Members



Bryan Bird (dec) Matt Ahern
Brian Boys (dec) Bill Bowker
Vicki Cardwell Sue Cullinan
David Donelly (dec) Gavin Murphy
Kevin Fidock Lindsay Pattenden (dec)
 Judith FitzGerald (dec) Paul Vear (dec)
Sarah Fitz-Gerald Gary Westbrook
Roger Flynn Judy Kool (nee Wright)
Eddie French (dec)  
Anthony Hill  
Geoff Hunt  
Vic Hunt (dec)  
Betty Meagher (dec)  
Allen Minchington  
Paul Price  
Thomas Spark  
Gordon Watson (dec)  
Cameron White  
Geoff Wilcock  
Peter Wright  
Brendan Woodford  
Margaret Zachariah  
















Life Members

Geoff Argaet Chris Fuhrmeister Libby MacDonald Margaret Smith (dec)
Bert Armstrong Brian Galt-Smith (dec) Elva Maroney Barry Taylor
Noelle Bartling Bev Garfield, Betty Meagher (dec) Ian Tod (dec)
Bryan Bird (dec) Penry Green, Allen Minchington Pam Van Huizen
Ken Bolle Robyn Howard (nee: Kennedy) John Moline (dec) Martin Welsh (dec)
Brian Boys (dec) Greg Hutchings Joan Morey (dec) Mervyn Weston (dec)
Jim Bristow Denise Hill (dec) Steve Murray Brendan Woodford
Elaine Broadway Bill Hunt Sid Myers John Wreford
John Broadway (dec) Geoff Hunt Ken Oaten Peter Wright
Neville Caine Patricia Hunt, Karl O'Leskin Margaret Zachariah
Ian Carson (dec) Vic Hunt (dec) Sylvie O'Neale Robyn Howard (nee: Kennedy)
Mervyn Davidson (dec) Ian Kent Lindsay Pattenden (dec) Ian Kent and Robin Reed
David Donelly (dec) Angus Kerr (dec) Bill Patterson Rosalind French
Jack Ellery (dec) Ian Kitto Brendan Perry Bert Armstrong
Eddie French (dec) Faith Lacey Joan Rival (dec) Karl O’Leskin
Judith FitzGerald (dec)  Jim Lambert (dec) Robin Reed (dec)  
Rosalind French John Link Shane Skidmore  

Volunteer Awards

2023 Cain LeStrange, Lee-Anne Carpenter, Chris Harris
2022 Steve Blamey, Chris Rucinski, Chris Rowland
2020 Helen Collins, Ian Chalmers, Kass O'Kelly, Barry Reid, Kate & Mark Smith
2018 Ross Falconer, Don Groom (dec), David Crossley, Jessie Yeung, Marcia Ratcliffe. 
2017 Kevin Quick, John Tobin
2016 Darryl Henderson, Paul Flood, Amanda Hamilton, Ian Kirkby, Lao Biesbroek, Brian Elton, Shane Skidmore, Mark Soutar
2015 Steve Ibbott, Jeanette Barton, Elisha Mitchell, Corey Robertson, John Webber
2014 Julie Blackie, Valma Bourne, Elias Stergiopolous, Greg Ikin, Elizabeth Lopes, Damian Maidment, Sylvia Tiet.
2013 Ghen-Tze Goon, John Kostiw, Jacqui Williamson, Garry Pirie, Jason Turner
2012 Carolyn Ayres, Lucas Bediaga, Colleen Bell, Penry Green, Kevin Healy, Thomas Nguyen, Jodi Wilkinson


Eddie French Award

2023 Hannah Leonti
2022 Tim Batty
2020 Cassie Thomas
2019 Peter Baines
2017 Richard Cagliarini
2016 Karen Cagliarini
2015 Roger Flynn 





Sarah Fitz-Gerald Award

2023 Kaveen Kohombange
2022 Tina Ma
2020 Courtney Scholtz 
2018 Dylan Molinaro
2017 Dylan Molinaro
2016 Jessica Graham 
2015 Aaron Maidment
2014 Tyler Hawkins
2013 Sam Ejtemai
2012 Sam Ejtemai







Paul Vear Award

2023 Peter Wright

Dave Donelly Referee of the Year Award

2023 Anthony Morris


2020 Tom Spark
2020 Peter Wright


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First Nations Flag
Squash Victoria respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the lands throughout Australia on which we are on. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.
We are committed to a positive future for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and to honour their ongoing cultural and spiritual connections to this country and recognise the role and value of culture.
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We are a proudly diverse organisation, who actively celebrates LGBTIQ+ diversity, inclusion and pride.