Have Some Fun Off Court with S&RV!

In the current lockdowns we are all missing our weekly squash or racquetball fix! 

So to keep our community together, we have set up weekly trivia! 

You don’t have to be a squash and racquetball trivia buff to play trivia with us. If you love our sports and want to stay connected with your fellow squash & racquetball enthusiasts here’s how you can show your support during this period of enforced venue closures.

The next Game Show night will be held on Tuesday the 26th May 2020 starting at 7pm! 

*Please register BEFORE 6:30pm Tuesdays otherwise you will not be sent the link to access the Game Show. 

Round 5, Sign Me Up!

Game Show Ladder

Check out the S&RV Game Show ladder - we will update it each week so you can keep track of the top spot! Make sure you enter to try and get your club to the top. 

  • Intro round winner - Lee Jackson (Bendigo Squash Club)
  • Round 1 winner - David Cowell (Squash Melbourne)
  • Round 2 winner - Thomas Cagliarini (Squash Logic Melton) 
  • Round 3 winner - Christine Nunn
  • Round 4 winner - Ben Ratcliffe (Goulburn Valley Squash Club)

Round 5, Count Me In!

Every club and venue can have as many contestants representing as they want each week – contact your club or venue to get on their roster.

After entering, you will be emailed the unique Zoom URL, meeting ID and password so you can join the Game Show host, celebrity of the week and other contestants in our live Game Show room, via video.

Join the Game Show session on time to chat with our ‘celebrity’ guest each week before we get stuck into the Game Show questions.

Your host will provide the Mentimeter game code. Use the app to submit your answers to each multiple choice question in the quiz.

After each round of the Game Show, the individual finishing first wins premiership points for their club or venue and bragging rights for themselves!

At the end of the Game Show season, one club or venue will be announced as the overall winner. Prizes may include cash and/or in-kind which will be distributed between those clubs and venues that were represented – the more weeks your club or venue participates, the bigger the piece of prize pool pie they will win.

 How to enter the Game Show sessions: 

  • $10 to enter
  • Join in on Round 4 online at SportHQ via the blue button at the top of this page
  • Join the Zoom session online - we will send you via email the unique link
  • Make sure you download the FREE Mentimeter app so you can use it to submit answers on the night. 





$10 total buy in to play per week (discounted pre-purchase buy in for 3 months @$8 per round)

  • $5 to club for each registration
  • $2 to S&RV from each registration
  • $3 goes into general cash pool (evenly distributed to all clubs)

As many from each club can enter as they want, but the overall score-tally / pennant ladder will only have the score from the highest placed member representing your club!

 Zoom is a free application and will work on mobiles or computers. We will send you the Zoom link once you have signed up on SportyHQ. 

Once you click on the link we send you will be taken to Zoom (or prompted to download the app if you don't already have it). Once the Game Show has started, you will be greeted by our host and we will start the interview with our celebrity guest of the week! 

By participating in the S&RV Game Show you are helping to support our sports. See the breakdown of costs below. 

  • $10 total buy in to play per week (discounted pre-purchase buy in for 3 months @$8 per round)
    • $5 to club for each registration
    • $2 to S&RV from each registration
    • $3 goes into general cash pool (evenly distributed to all clubs)

We will test your memory with squash and racquetball based questions (think history, pro players, rules of the game...) PLUS some random topics too! 


Yes, you do need to make a (free) profile on SportyHQ to then be able to register for the Game Show. 

If you don't have a profile, follow these steps:

  • Head to www.sportyhq.com 
  • On the SportyHQ page, click create account 
  • Enter your email and username 
  • Confirm your email via the link sent to your email address 

Once you have a SportyHQ log in, head back to our Game Show page and click on the link to register. You will be taken directly to the registration page from there. 

Any issues, please contact the office at info@squashvic.com.au