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Hall of Fame/Awards


Racquetball Hall of Fame

The Racquetball Hall of Fame was introduced in 2001 to recognise people who have in some way contributed greatly to the sport of Australian Racquetball.

Sue Cullinan (2005)

Sue started at Profile in Bairnsdale in 1986 and introduced daytime Racquetball. Sue has always worked diligently in the promotion of Racquetball in the Gippsland area and teamed up with Paul Vear to stop the removal of two courts and the opening of a Sports Club in the existing building where the Profile Centre was located.
Sue has always supported the Tournament circuit well, packing up all the juniors from Profile and carting them all over the State, many of whom still play today, Jade Smith, Matt Scott, Nelson Turner, James Patterson to name a few, as well as organising tournaments of her own (Riviera, Oceania and the Australian Open). In 1994 Sue took over the Lease of the Profile Centre in a partnership until 2007. 

Gary Westbrook (2004)

Lindsay Pattenden (2003)

1980-1990's - Was instrumental in popularising Racquetball around Ballarat and surrounding areas.
2000 - Awarded an Australian Sports Medal by the Federal Government for his contribution to squash.
Organised the Hosting of the Australian Racquetball Championships for a record six years in a row.

Bill Bowker (2002) 

1974-1977 President of Ferntree Gully Squash Club
Life Member of Ferntree Gully Squash & Racquetball Club
1980-1989 Eastern Suburbs Racquetball Association Match & Pennant Chairperson
1988 Runner Up Australian Masters
1990-2009 VRL/VRF Match & Pennant Chairperson
Instrumental in setting up Eastern Suburbs Racquetball Association and Victorian Racquetball Federation

Paul Vear (2002)

1974-1979, 1984-85 Ferntree Gully Squash Club Champion (A record 8 times)
1981-2008 Executive Director of Victorian Squash Federation
1981- 2008 Executive Director Victorian Racquetball Federation
1983-1988 Australian Open Racquetball Championships Tournament Director
1984-1986 & 1988 Ferntree Gully Racquetball Club Champion (A record 4 times)
Life Member of Ferntree Gully Squash & Racquetball Club
Considered one of the best players to have played racquetball


Donna Hill Award 

This Award has been established in the honour of Donna Hill, who was an outstanding junior squash player who went onto play the highest grade of state pennant in both squash and racquetball. Tragically, we lost Donna after a long illness which she fought right to the end, similar to her attitude on the squash and racquetball court. 

Two perpetual shields (one each for squash and racquetball) have been kindly donated by the Hill family, with the support of the Ferntree Gully Squash Club, where Donna commenced playing Squash and established many longstanding friendships.
Each year the Victorian Racquetball League will select and present this Award to a junior player who best meets Donna's qualities which are listed below:

Donna commenced playing squash from the age of 7 when she attended the Ferntree Gully Squash Centre with her family for their weekly Thursday night booking. Donna had a one in a million smile with an incredible personality. Donna was the type of person who everybody loved to be with, a person who enjoyed life to the fullest, extremely friendly and very supportive of her family and friends. Donna had a great attitude to life both on and off the court, was a gutsy and hardworking player who had an enormous amount of talent.
Donna rose to the highest level in both squash and racquetball, always playing within the rules and had a very friendly attitude to her opponents and referees. Donna also worked at the Ferntree Gully Centre and helped out immensely in the administration area particularly with tournaments and their in-house and interclub pennant competitions.
Donna was an excellent role model for junior players and all who met her were touched by her sincerity, honesty and her love of both sports.

Award Recipients

Damian Tauschke Ballarat (2005)