OzSquash Sporting Schools Program

In the Sporting Schools setting, the OzSquash program consists of four or five ACHPER approved 45 minutes to one hour lessons that can easily be conducted by a local squash coach, and/or PE/generalist classroom teacher as part of the school curriculum.

The major objective of OzSquash is to use a ‘learning through play’ philosophy to develop basic squash specific skills and concepts as well as other important physical and cognitive skills via fun games. Many activities within the program are adapted from the ‘Playing for Life’ approach where the major emphasis is on maximum participation, high levels of activity in a fun, inclusive and safe environment using activities that are easily changed, modified or adapted.

The Program Principles include:

  • Each lesson has a specific objective and outlines key focus points
  • Lessons will follow the ‘Playing for Life’ approach comprising start out, get into it and finish up components
  • Activities encourage co-operative play over competitiveness (or winning)
  • Participants are gradually progressed from fixed to shared court activities as their spatial awareness develops
  • The rebound nature of the sport is experienced as often as possible via a range of activities
  • Set up time is minimal and equipment is interchangeable depending on available resources 


 To become a Sporting Schools Coach, you will need to:

  • Complete Squash Australia’s Foundation Squash Coach program (2 to 4 hours)
  • Register with Squash Australia through State & Territory Associations
  • Complete ASC’s General Principles online course (external requirement of Foundation Squash Programme)
  • Coaches are also required to complete Sporting Schools coach registration online consisting of: 
    • Uploading evidence of a current state/territory Working with Children Check
    • Uploading evidence of sport specific coaching accreditation.


Clubs and organisations interested in delivering in Sporting Schools also need to register online via the Sporting Schools Website as a program deliverer.

Sporting Schools OzSquash flyer