The Golden Squash Challenge

Proudly brought to you by VicHealth and Squash & Racquetball Victoria, The Golden Squash Challenge is a competition for the Squash & Racquetball community to find the golden squash - a squash ball hidden in the community. Think of it as a fun squash treasure hunt and a chance to win some cool prizes. 

 Can you find it?


How does it work?

1. Hide  

  • A club member or volunteer in the community “hides” the squash ball somewhere in the community (not on private property or somewhere dangerous of course)
  • For example - Let's say in a squash club locker 

2. Provide Clues 

  •  They then post clues about where it is on the clubs’ social media pages

3. Let the hunt begin! 

  • Then people go out looking for the “Golden Squash”
  • Aim is to get people outside, covid-safely of course, and being physically active while trying to find the hidden ball!

4. Prize 

  • Once someone in the community finds it they get a prize (most likely a voucher to a local store)

5.Start Over- Optional  (Up to the club) 

  • The person who finds the ball gets to hide the ball and the game continues



Prayansh Desai

Development Officer

To register or get information on the Golden Squash Challenge please contact Prayansh on his email provided.