What is Hits & Giggles?

The Hits & Giggles Learn to Play Program was initially developed by Squash & Racquetball Victoria in 2012. As of 2017 Hits & Giggles became a nationally delivered program with Squash Australia adopting the concept for use by all states. 

The program exists to provide an introduction for women and girls to the sports of Squash and/or Racquetball in a supportive and judgement-free environment. Each week consists of a one hour coaching session over the course of six weeks providing an opportunity for participants to learn a new sport and meet like-minded women in the process.

An accredited coach will be on-site, providing participants with tailored programs to suit skill level, whilst helping to build confidence and self-esteem of participants. 



2019 Term 1 Programs 

Hits & Giggles | Monday Beginner | MSAC 6-7pm  SIGN UP

Hits & Giggles | Monday Advanced | MSAC 7-8pm SIGN UP

Hits & Giggles | Wednesday Beginner | MSAC 6-7pm SIGN UP

Hits & Giggles | Wednesday Intermediate | MSAC 7-8pm SIGN UP

Hits & Giggles Racquetball | MSAC SIGN UP