In 2010, a new National Racquetball Grand Prix Circuit was established with the support of Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and incorporates both singles and doubles events, with grades for all standards of racquetball players.

The player with the highest number of points (points allocation listed below) in their grade at the completion of the circuit events (provided they have played at least 50% of the available tournaments in their grade and is a registered member of their state squash association) is recognised as that year's National Racquetball Grand Prix Circuit Champion for that particular grade. Winners are presented with a trophy at the following year's Australian Open Racquetball event.

2020 National GP Circuit - Ranking Points after the South Australian Open  Singles Rankings  Doubles Rankings  


2020 Calendar

    Date    Event

7-8 Mar

South Australian Open Racquetball Championships - South Australia  



18-19 Jul

Victorian Open Racquetball Championships - Genesis Wantirna, Melbourne


15-16 Aug

Tasmanian Open Racquetball Championships  


16-18 October

Australian/New South Wales Open Championships


 See the Events Calendar section (under the relevant month) for entry details.


Available Grades

Men's Open, Women's Open, A, B, C, D, E & F Grades  (NB: All grades are mixed except for the Men's and Women's Open)


Tournament Rankings and Points

All Grand Prix Circuit events are played under the Victorian Racquetball Tournament Guidelines and points are awarded for players' finishing position in each event. A maximum of 7,500 points will be awarded for each singles and doubles event.

For doubles events, points will be split equally between the pairings, depending upon their finishing order. E. G. The winning pair in each event will receive a total of 1200 points, with each player being awarded 600 points. 

PLEASE NOTE  As the year progresses each 2019 event points will be replaced by their 2020 equivalent. 

The rankings are the critical factor in deciding the seedings for each event.  

Finishing position             Points awarded

1st                                           1,200

2nd                                          840

3rd                                           600

4th                                           480

5th                                           390

6th                                           360

7th                                           330

8th                                           300

9th                                           255

10th                                         240

11th                                         225

12th                                         210

13th                                         195

14th                                         180

15th                                         165

16th                                         150

17th                                         132

18th                                         126

19th                                         120

20th                                         114

21st                                         108

22nd                                        102

23rd                                         96

24th                                         90

25th                                         82

26th                                         74

27th                                         66

28th                                         60

29th                                         55

30th                                         50

31st                                         45

32nd                                        40