MS 24 Hour Mega Squash & Racquetball is back in 2021


Squash and Racquetball Victoria has been a long-standing supporter of the MS 24 Hour Mega Squash & Racquetball.  

Open to all abilities, the MS 24 Hour Mega Squash & Racquetball will be held at three locations across Victoria, raising vital funds for people living with multiple sclerosis.

Anyone can join in the fun! You don’t need to be a member of a squash or racquetball club. Join as a solo player and we will allocate you to a team. 

Challenge yourself and rally for people living with multiple sclerosis on 1 – 2 May 2021 in one of three locations across Victoria. 

Melbourne – Westerfolds Sport Centre

Bairnsdale - Bairnsdale Squash & Table Tennis Centre

Wodonga - Wodonga Squash & Racquetball Association 

Are you up for the challenge? Register at or contact the MS Events team on 1300 733 690.


How Does It Work?

Play is conducted in 13 minute blocks and scoring is point-a-rally. At the conclusion of each 13 minute block, the player with the most points must record the score on the official scoresheet, there is a 2 minute break and then the next 13 minute block will commence.

It is up to the Team Captain to establish the strategy and style of play for their team and set the team playing roster - participants can play for as little as thirteen minutes or up to two hours at a time. With a mix of squash and racquetball players and teams there is the opportunity to play both sports!