Coach Accreditation

How do I become a coach?
Once you have decided that you would like to become a coach you must gain accreditation by attending and successfully completing a National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) course (See below).

Please note, there is a new 5 tier framework that replaces the old Levels system:

Foundation Coach

Club Development Coach

Talent Development Coach

Performance Coach

High Performance Coach

Squash & Racquetball Victoria is responsible for training at the Foundation Coach (this course is now available online) and Club Development Coach tiers. Squash Australia is responsible for the other 3 tiers.

Current course dates for Club Development Coach courses are available on the Education Calendar

For course details for Talent Development, Performance and High Performance please check the Squash Australia website at 


COACH PATHWAY  - Explanatory video



Re-Accreditation / Updating

In 1991 the Australian Coaching Council introduced a policy related to ensuring ongoing coach education. The policy is the ACC's Accreditation Updating Policy.The Updating Policy has been designed to ensure that Australian Sport takes place in an environment where quality, standards, safety and personnel are of the highest order. All courses in the new framework are accredited and coaches are required to update every 4 years.

Why Update?
Updating ensures that coaches stay abreast of rule changes in their sport. Updating also keeps coaches in contact with the most up to date techniques and coaching methods.Updating will play an important role in ensuring that the coaching environment is safe for all participants and reduce the likelihood of coaches becoming involved in legal actions.Updating will ensure that sports and the ACC have an up to the minute register of active coaches.

How to update
Updating goes hand in hand with coaching. Once you have completed an accreditation course the 'update clock begins.When your initial accreditation is processed you will receive an accreditation card which shows your expiry date. Your initial accreditation lasts for 4 years - the accreditation period starts when Squash Australia receives notification that all accreditation requirements have been met.

During this 4-year period, you are required to participate in a variety of coaching and coach education activities to maintain your accreditation and place on the NCAS active register.

How much does it cost to update?
After your first 4 years as a coach a fee must be paid for re-registration for a further 4-year period. The $39 fee can be paid online via the Squash Australia e-shop.

For further information on coach development contact Squash Victoria, 9682 2199 or email