The Squash & Racquetball Victoria Board is supported in its work by two substructures - Committees and Working Groups.

  • Committee - where the Board appoints a group of individuals to advise on or deliver a task or activity on an ongoing basis, that is, there is longevity or regular frequency to the work and
  • Working Group - where the Board appoints a group of individuals to advise on or deliver a specific or short term task.


Finance & Risk

Members: Kal Desai, Gavin Murphy, Fiona Young

Committee Terms of Reference



Members: Brendon Perry, James Poynton, Bryan Bird, Olivia Coles 

Committee Terms of Reference 



Members: Ian Chalmers, Elisha Mitchell, Russel McLean, Chris Fuhrmeister, Paul Vear, Lao Biesbroek, Catherine Swift 

Committee Terms of Reference 



Members: Steve Murray, Anthony Morris, David Cowell, Lou Morsch, Lee-Anne Carpenter 

Committee Terms of Reference


Members: Bryan Bird, Lee-Anne Carpenter, Peter Wright  

Committee Terms of Reference 



Members: Lao Biesbroek, Catherine Swift, Geoff Schoenberg, Nicci Rossouw, Fiona Young

Committee Terms of Reference 


Junior Development 

Members: Ian Chalmers, Kevin Quick, Ross Falconer, Chris Fuhrmeister, Paul Vear, Olivia Coles, Tousif Miran

Committee Terms of Reference  



  • Sporting Schools
  • Hit's n Giggles


  • Event Calendar
  • Pennant Squash
  • Pennant Racquetball
  • Victorian Open Squash
  • Victorian Open Racquetball
  • Victorian Grand Prix Squash Circuit
  • Victorian Grand Prix Racquetball Circuit
  • Junior Squash Circuit
  • Australian Squash Tour


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  • Phone: 03 9682 2199

  • Email: [email protected]

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